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The following articles have recently been published in the press.

Q WHEN I was going through the menopause I had a terrible time. I have heard that menopausal problems often run in families. Daily Mirror 22nd April 2004

Help I'm Hormonal! - Worried about HRT? We've got the natural alternatives. Natural Health October 2003

What's Up Doc - 'I am anxious to avoid taking HRT because of the increased risk of breast cancer and other side effects but I am suffering from hot sweats, day and night, and not sleeping well...' Daily Mirror 13th November 2003 -

What's Up Doc - I want to wean myself off HRT. Are there any supplements that can help me? Daily Mirror 14th December 2000 -

Body & Soul - If you are worried about HRT, there are other choices says Simon Crompton. The Times 18th October 2003 -

Menopause is not a disease - These were the words spoken by Dr Shirley Bond in a recent meeting that I had with her to discuss women’s health and in particular hormones. What Medicine Summer 2003 -

Women and Menopause Helpline - The new Natural Menopause Advice Service (NMAS) website has been inundated with hits from women seeking advice on a 'natural' menopause - The Alternative October 2002 -

It's never too early to prepare for the menopause - To younger women, the menopause may seem an age away, but hormone levels start to change at least ten years before periods eventually stop - Healthy You September 2002

HRT - the truth behind the headlines - Women are in a state of confusion about HRT. As experts squabble about whether it causes a rise in the risk of cancer, strokes and other killers Hilary Scott reports on natural alternatives for the menopause - Evening Post (Reading) 07/08/02

Women and Menopausal Helpline - The new Natural Menopause Advice Service (NMAS) website has been inundated with hits from women seeking advice on a 'natural' menopause following the recent publication of US research findings linking HRT to increased health risks - The Alternative

Health in the Headlines - A Natural Menopause - Hormone Replacement Therapy has been the subject of much media attention, after a major US study linked it to increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke - Health Matters July 2002

Health - A survey shows that young women, especially those who are 'stressed out', should act now to make their menopause less difficult - The Times Tuesday May 28 2002

The Clock Stops - Early menopause affects thousands of women in Britain. There is no cure, but pregnancy is not impossible - The Sunday Times 09/06/02

Dear Doctor

The Fact Sheets provided by The Natural Menopause Advice Service have been written with the assistance of Dame Dr. Shirley Bond, a practising GP specialising in women's health, who is medical adviser to NMAS. NMAS has recently introduced the section in which Dr. Shirley Bond provides a response to questions submitted by members of the public.

Please note that these replies will be confidential and Dr. Bond will only be able to answer questions in broad terms and cannot provide advice that is specific to individuals.

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